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Trains operate on our museum railway during the summer of 2023

Timetable for service: Hesselby (Dalhem) – Tule – Roma
Sundays: 4th of June – 27th of augusti,

Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays: from 28th of June – 19th of August

Departures from Hesselby station:   11.00, 13.00, 14.30
Departures from Roma station:         11.45, 13.45, 1515#   (#= Only to Hesselby station)

Note: Depending om extensive work on our steam-engine, all trains are pulled by diesel locomotives from the fifties during 2023.

Ticket prices: Hesselby – Roma – Hesselby (round-trip) Adults SEK 140, children 3-15 years 70 SEK. 
Tickets for shorter trips and single way tickets is sold on request.

Important information for our visitors: Our steam engine is 103 years old. It’s om a long time renovation. Since it is a delicate piece of machinery, breakdowns may occur. At times it may not be possible to repair the engine until the next day. On these occasions service is provided by a historical diesel locomotive. We also do this in very dry weather conditions.

Our steam engine “Dalhem” at the Roma station, with coaches SlRJ F 7, GJ CD 43 and GJ Co 8. Photo: Daniel Åhlén

Rent a trolley

During the summer of 2023 it will be possible to rent trolleys. But only on monday, tuesday and fridays, the days when there is no train service:

The Gotland Railway Museum

The Hesselby station also features an exhibition of the Gotland railways with trolleys, tickets, photos, uniforms and more. The exhibition is open on sundays to fridays from the 4th of June to the 27th of August and on all days from the 26th of June to the 19th of August between 11.00 – 16.00

How to find the Gotland Hesselby Railway in Dalhem or Roma

From Visby, follow county road 147 (which terminates at Slite in the east) for about one kilometre. After one kilometre – and you are now east of the “Visbyleden” route (148) – you turn right. The blue road sign will say ”Dalhem 17″. You will pass through the hamlet ”Endre”, reaching Dalhem shortly afterwards.

Hesselby station is situated in the Dalhem parish, 700 meters south of  the church which is one of the island’s grandest places of worship. Other sights in Dalhem is the country store museum, ”Dunbodi”.
If you prefer to travel by bus to Dalhem, take bus service 41 from Visby bus station. It operates daily between Visby and Katthammarsvik.

Roma station is situated in the middle of Roma village. From Visby follow the county road 143 15 kilometers to Roma. Look for a brown roadsign at the left side of the road, with the text “Museijärnväg”.
If you prefer to travel by bus to Roma, take bus service 11 from Visby bus station. It operates daily between Visby and Hemse/Burgsvik.

The railway station of Burgsvik featuring a railbus prior to departure towards Visby. 1947-48. Post card from the archive of the Gotland Heritage Railway.

The Railway Café

The Railway Cafe, which has both an open-air and an indoor cafeteria, is famous all over Gotland for its tasty and home-made sandwiches and cakes. The Gotland Train Association leases the café to Cattis and Christian, who runs the café. The Railway Cafe is open on holidays, during the spring and autumn.
In the summer it is open Sundays from 4th of June to 27th of Augusti and dayly from the 26th June of July to the 19th of August between 11.00-16.00.

Telephone to the Cafe: +46702071816 or +46738449458. We suggest that group visits are booked in advance.


During the entire season, groups are of course most welcome on train service days. On other days, we are happy to arrange for special trains. Such arrangements are subject to a surcharge.
Please book in advance on telephone +46705830519.

Become a member of The Gotland Heritage Railway

Support the work of the Gotland Heritage Railway by becoming a member. Members receive our magazine “Spårstumpen” and free trips on the railway. The fee for one member (living abroad) 2023: 350 SEK
Family members (living abroad) pays 400 SEK/year  Permanent members pays 6 000 SEK

Our swedish bank giro number is: 271-5043  IBAN: SE 41 8000 0848 0690 3327 5687 BIC: SWEDSESS

The Gotland Heritage Railway

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